Brethren in Christ (BIC)

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Brethren in Christ (BIC)

Post by darinhouston » Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:57 pm

I have been very much enjoying the vidcast teachings of Bruxy Cavey at the Meeting House in Canada ( They are a large church family meeting primarily in home churches across Canada but having shared corporate teaching meetings and associated with a denomination called Brethren In Christ (

The BIC denomination seems to be a combination of Wesleyan, Mennonite and Pietist origins, and from what I can tell is a really interesting group. The teaching points Cavey uses (and theological positions) are frighteningly close to those of Steve Gregg from what I can tell.

Is anyone familiar with this group? I don't see any gatherings or fellowships in the Texas area.


Re: Brethren in Christ (BIC)

Post by SteveF » Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:27 pm

Is anyone familiar with this group? I don't see any gatherings or fellowships in the Texas area.
Hi Darren, I am familiar with this church. A long time friend of mine helps lead a home church that I attend from time to time. There is another home group that I’ve started to attend that’s being lead by someone who use to be a leader in the home church movement. He was attracted to The Meeting House because of the autonomy in the home churches.

As far as meetings in the Houston area, I know there are home meetings found in pockets around the world using the video as a basis for their discussion time. Hence, they have a loose connection to The Meeting House. They have been asked to start formal gatherings in a few US cities but have not proceeded at this time. They are already expanding quickly in Canada and thought expanding in the US could possibly hinder their focus at this time (too much at one time). Their congregation is made up of 60% Christian transplants and 40% newcomers.
The teaching points Cavey uses (and theological positions) are frighteningly close to those of Steve Gregg from what I can tell.
I also noticed the similarities. May I tell you a short story?

Earlier this year I was dis-fellowshipped from a study group by a Christian apologist. I stated that I agreed with the Nicene Creed, but thought the anathema at the end of the Creed was inappropriate. It seemed apparent to me that many Christians held different views at that time and the anathema went too far. I came under full frontal attack. Rather than wanting to genuinely discuss the issue, my faith was challenged. I received a formal email asking me to agree to certain principles or face dis-fellowship. In the middle of typing my reply, I took a break and decided to listen to a message that Bruxy had preached the day before. He just happened to be talking about the Athanasius/Arius controversy (what are the odds of that). It was as if Bruxy had been in the meeting I had been in and was commenting on what I went through. Here’s a link to the message…the first 15 minutes or so is the most relevant (although the whole message is good). ... sermon.mp3

My Friend, who attends the Meeting House, contacted Bruxy and he said he would like to get together with me and talk about the situation. I said all that to say this. A few days after I met with Bruxy, I met with Steve Gregg who was teaching in Toronto for the first time. Steve was kind enough to read the correspondence between the apologist and myself and offer his comments. The first words that came out of Bruxy’s mouth and Steve’s were exactly the same, “He’s a creedalist”. Bruxy and Steve both explained that many require adherence to specific creeds as the basis for Christian fellowship. Bruxy and Steve, on the other hand, make Christ-following the basis for fellowship. They both saw themselves as non-creedal, but not anti-creedal. There may be truth and value in Creeds but they are not scripture and thus, cannot dictate who is and isn’t a Christian.

I’m grateful to God’s kindness for the opportunity to talk with Bruxy and Steve G. Being dis-fellowshipped was a difficult thing for me to go through and they were both a great blessing and encouragement!!

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Re: Brethren in Christ (BIC)

Post by Sean » Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:59 pm

You posted this a long time ago and I just wanted to add that I agree that Bruxy and Steve are very close in their viewpoints. Bruxy has some very good teachings. 8-)
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