ramblings on ownership

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ramblings on ownership

Post by jarrod » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:46 pm

I was recently driving through New Mexico and Colorado helping a friend move. There is such beauty in God's creation on this drive and being from flat Texas, I must say, the mountains were majestic. I remember thinking, "I wish I owned a piece of land out here that was mine that I could have for myself." I think that is wrong, self-centered, thinking. The verse that comes to mind is:

Submitting to Him and His authority as Lord and owner of all really decrease those desires for myself. We own things right now... a lot of things that we have chosen to purchase as stewards of His resources. It is exciting to realize that it all belongs to Him. Our Master owns it all and withholds nothing from us, so why worry about the things of this world. His provision throughout the Bible is constant and unchanging. He will take care of us. I think too, with the realization of being His servant, comes the idea that we "work" for Him. Our provision ultimately comes from Him and not earthly companies or bosses. I am starting to see the money we are given almost as the "manna from heaven." Why hold onto it? Why save for the 'rainy day'? Why not use it all for His kingdom and trust Him to provide the next one.

I'm not saying that would be His desire for everyone, but it is an interesting perspective and a dependence on Him that is very attractive.

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