Helping someone in Portland, OR

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Helping someone in Portland, OR

Post by RStephenB » Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:15 pm

Hi all - there's a woman (TC) I know near Portland that is needing help and prayer. Longstoryshort: she was abused terribly as a child, was on her own at 12, had a baby at 16, bad boyfriend got her on drugs and arrested for delivering for him, spent 10 years in prison for it, got out 4 years ago, reconnected with teenage son, got a job was rebuilding her life, was clean, but her mother died last year and she relapsed, got arrested (wrong place, wrong time) and is looking at another 10-20 years in prison. Judge has initially shown leniency, but trial is upcoming and she is in a treatment center now to help her stay clean.

She is a very nice woman, is trying, has some faith - but has never had any discipling. She isn't a lost cause. She isn't a bad person, she's never been violent or dangerous. She has been a good employee for the last few years, and she can be a positive member of the community. I used to take care of her little sister, who also suffered terribly from abuse, so I've known TC for 20 years.

I live in a different state, and can't go to OR to help her (and I have a wife and child at home too)
She needs to get connected with believers, she needs to be discipled and mentored. She may be going to prison, and as scary as that is for her she's keeping a good spirit about it. She has never had a good parent or parent-like mentor. She will flourish if she can get help. Her son is still living with her, but she's supported them without help for the past 4 years. Please let me know if you know somewhere or someone who can help her. Thanks

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