On Not Knowing the Truth About Hell.....

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On Not Knowing the Truth About Hell.....

Post by Roberto » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:47 pm

How does this verse relate to agnostic positions with regards to hell (and indeed *any* topic in Scripture or in our own situations of discernment): "be fully convinced in your own mind"? Romans 14:5....
Or is it relevant?
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Re: On Not Knowing the Truth About Hell.....

Post by Paidion » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:53 pm

In my mind, Paul's statement is that some people observe particular days according to Mosaic law, New moons and Sabbaths. Others don't, and to them no one day of the week is more holy or important than any other. Let everyone be convinced in his own mind concerning observing special day.

I think verse 3 also applies to the observance or non-observance of particular days. I have altered verse 3 accordingly:

"Let not the one who considers all days alike disregard the one who observes special days, and let not the one who observes special days pass judgment on the one who regards all days alike, for God has welcomed him."

We can apply this to people's view about hell if we wish, but I don't think Paul had anything such as that in mind.

Man judges a person by his past deeds, and administers penalties for his wrongdoing. God judges a person by his present character, and disciplines him that he may become righteous.

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