Exodus - Tent of Testimony

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Exodus - Tent of Testimony

Post by darinhouston » Sun May 01, 2022 3:05 pm

Exodus 16:33-34 (KJV)

33 And Moses said unto Aaron, Take a pot, and put an omer full of manna therein, and lay it up before the LORD, to be kept for your generations. 34 As the LORD commanded Moses, so Aaron laid it up before the Testimony, to be kept.

When do you think this was done? In the first couple of months after exodus (before the Ark was built) or after?

I have read some commentaries suggesting this was a later addition and that this didn't happen in the timeline of the narrative and others suggesting that the tent of Testimony pre-dated the building of the ark and was the structure on which the cloud descended.

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Re: Exodus - Tent of Testimony

Post by steve » Sun May 08, 2022 12:19 pm

I think this was done later. It is therefore being mentioned out of chronological order in Chapter 16.

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