Demonic activities that surrounds me

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Demonic activities that surrounds me

Post by paulespino » Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:34 pm

I have accused my wife based on circumstantial evidences. But the problem now is that I have been judged by a community of people who believes that what I have done is inexcusable. Someone who is very close to me has been lacing my face and the effect of that lacing is that it makes my skin sensitive. I shut the door and now they are releasing a some kind of a fumes that has a subtle smell. I sleep in a family room where there is a fireplace.
I could not get any evidence because these people knows what they are doing they only do it when I'm sleeping when I find a new job they choose people to talk to and tell them the very bad thing I have done. I dont have hidden camera besides Im sure they will be able to spot my hidden camera.

It is difficult for me to go on details here.

But please I need prayers that God will release me from this situations . I really need your prayers.

Please Steve Gregg pray for me also.

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Re: Demonic activities that surrounds me

Post by steve » Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:53 am

All right, Brother. It sounds like you do have some issues that could be demonic origin. You should seek ministry in your area from knowledgeable Christians. If mature Christians tell you that you are being paranoid and unfair to your wife, believe them. Hopefully there will be many praying for you.

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