The Christian Outlook - "Our Orwellian Moment"

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The Christian Outlook - "Our Orwellian Moment"

Post by HEB1125 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 3:40 am

Today I was listening to the radio and caught this program which I had never heard before and the portion I heard was very disturbing. ... ian-moment

Frank Wright, the host, President and CEO of Truths that Transform was interviewed. (A ministry of D. James Kennedy) Apparently the Lifetime channel has been its home for many years until recently when Lifetime cancelled Truths that Transform completely.

They aired a program on abortion that included the captured footage of Planned Parenthood representatives caught on camera selling fetal body parts. This footage has been in the public domain and had also been previously aired. Lifetime told him not to air it and he did anyway. Lifetime then asked him to submit the next 3 programs he was set to air and those were also rebroadcasts - (I'm going from memory here) One on George Soros, another on George Washington's spiritual life, and another on George Soro's and his involvement in the 2016 Presidential election.

Lifetime said these programs did not meet the stations programming guidelines for fairness/balance and they could not be aired. When Wright attempted to air the first of them, Truths that Transform was dropped from Lifetime Network and lost 65% of its base on what can only be called viewpoint bias. These programs, 4 in all, had all been previously aired on Lifetime. When asked what had changed, Wright answered, "There was an inauguration in January."

The next portion of the program was about a book published by Ryan Anderson 3.5 years ago and released on Amazon entitled "When Harry became Sally" about Transgenderism.

Amazon recently pulled the book from its website. The guy they were interviewing, Carl Trueman of Grove City College identified himself as a liberal as did the woman who was interviewing him. Both were discussing how Amazon, being a private company and not a government entity is immune to first amendment protections and can decide what books they will sell and what books they won't sell. Over 50% of the worlds books are bought on Amazon and over 80% of the worlds ebooks. They said no publisher is going to want to publish a book that Amazon won't sell. Coming on the heels of the Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato head kerfuffle, it is all so surreal.

But none of this was as bad as listening to Rand Paul questioning Dr. Levine before Congress last week on whether minors - especially street kids with no agency should be allowed to make decisions that will make irreversible changes in their reproductive status and having Levine refuse to answer the questions.

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Re: The Christian Outlook - "Our Orwellian Moment"

Post by Darrell » Wed Mar 10, 2021 1:25 pm

Thanks for the link

If I understood correctly they didn't show the pictures or footage collected but only described it…. guilty of words that offend.

This is just more signs of the time. Nothing is safe. Web / media hosts can de-platform and deny service until there is conformity. This was proven most recently by Parler. Podcasts, TV and radio shows... there is nothing that isn't in jeopardy including the local pulpit. Even if someone, a company owns their own hardware; bandwidth could be denied and in an instant they vanish along with all the resources they provided.

GAB, an alternative social media platform, has been denied service from at least 4 banking institutions.

Sure, there can be challenges in court but even the scotus is proving to not be as conservative as was hoped.

Amazon could stop selling Bibles tomorrow or only sell ones approved by some committee and what would be the response - stop buying stuff from amazon? Too little too late (I buy the majority of my books from amazon but am always looking for an alternative).

And none of this really deals with personal "social credit" that is becoming more widespread.

I apologise for preaching doom and gloom but to use a cliché "it is what it is".

Take heart, we've all read the last page and know how it ends:
Rev 22:20 KJV He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Live Blest.. - d

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