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Virtual Church

Post by darinhouston » Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:13 pm

So... I'm not happy about it but our church is "going virtual" during the corona crisis (is it sacrilegious to call it the Lent Virus since we've given up almost everything this season?)

We have had several worship services online streaming live and are trying to maintain our "life groups" immediately following as we normally would but through Zoom video conferencing. So far, it's been a really nice way to stay in touch and allows us to have good sharing and prayer time, etc. So far we haven't tried to do much in the way of bible study because we have so coveted the social interaction with each other. But, the technology works well even for sharing video segments. So, time will tell how this goes.

I'm curious of what you think about "virtual gatherings" as corporate worship/assembly and if you're doing it I would love to hear your experiences, things that have worked well, things that aren't, ideas/suggestions/etc.

BTW, if there is anyone seeking some form of online worship service, our team is doing a pretty good job (or if you're looking for a good broadcast platform, it's working well). Check out (live or replay).

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