Finally I clicked on "Save Draft" and I lost everything

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Finally I clicked on "Save Draft" and I lost everything

Post by jriccitelli » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:22 am

... Finally I clicked on "Save Draft" and I lost everything! How frustrating! I don't have the energy to start over, at least not now... (an unfortunate forum poster)
AAAAAAyyyyyyyy, all is lost all is Lost, auuughhhhh, would be my controlled response. Been there a couple times. This site/program is actually better than others in not losing text, but still I learned the hard way. First of all I try to write everything in a word program, then copy paste. I learned also to hit - all - copy - every minute or so while I am writing in the text box, in case something goes array.

Also I hit - all - copy - over the text box 'before' I hit submit or preview (note, sometimes the internet connection ends while you are writing, without you knowing it), and you won't know till you hit send, and then observe all is lost :o

On other sites the post your editing may disappear after hitting edit (although I have never seen that happen here). So I learned to open another window with the same post I am editing first, just in case. Then I can just close the lost window and stay with the remaining good window. If others have tips... please advise :)

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