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Meaning of "Hair of women" and "crowns like gold"

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 11:03 am
by 3Resurrections
Granted, this is rather cryptic language describing the source of the torment created by the so-called "locusts" in Rev. 9. But I believe there is an actual historical fulfillment for these strange features of the "locusts" who plagued all of those who had no seal of God in their foreheads. I have posted my explanation of this phenomenon on another website already, so to avoid having to type it all again, I will provide the link to the picture and comment below.

Here is the link for the picture of the headgear of these "locusts": ... lmet.html/

And here is the link to a post with a couple of comments I made at the end regarding the phase of history which manifested these "locusts" in the nation of Israel: ... ion-91-11/

Comments, anyone?