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Darius the Mede as God Himself

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:19 pm
by TruthInLove
Hi all,

For at least 2,000 years, the identity of Darius the Mede in the book of Daniel has been shrouded in mystery. Various theories have been put forth over the years, one of the earliest by Josephus. However, to this day, none of these identities seem very compelling to most. Further, the absence of this man's record anywhere else in history has given critical scholars ammunition against Daniel's authenticity as both an informed historian and accurate prophet.

Most have simply concluded that the author of Daniel simply made a serious error in recounting past history due to his confusion about who accomplished what in Persia's history. Many have sought ways to excuse this error without compromising the inspired nature of Daniel. Others hold out hope that one day history will reveal that such a man actually existed and Daniel was right after all.

But what if those aren't our only two options? What if Daniel never intended for us to see Darius the Mede as an actual human ruler. What if this identity was deliberately fashioned by God as a symbol of Himself and His role in the redemption of Israel and ultimately the world? What if the reason history has no record of Him is because apart from the seeds of symbolism planted earlier in the Scriptures, His identity could not be understood.

I believe a convincing case can be made that every aspect we know about Darius the Mede is loaded with Messianic symbolism. And if every aspect of him has symbolic significance, as I believe it does, perhaps this suggests that his entire persona is symbolic of something.

I believe it can be shown directly from the Scriptures themselves that that "something" is God Himself. That is, Darius the Mede was a personality God adopted for Himself. As far as I know, this idea has never been suggested before.

I don't believe posting links to my own work in this regard will really garner much attention but thought perhaps a thorough discussion here would interest some. If anyone would be interested in discussing how the ethnicity, name, age, lineage, dominion, and accomplishments of Darius the Mede all point to God's Messiah, please post a response.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Darius the Mede as God Himself

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 9:57 am
by TruthInLove
Hi friends,

I originally posted this around Christmas-time as it seems like traffic to the forum is usually higher then and I thought the likelihood of catching the attention of someone this topic might interest would be higher.

However, I also realize many people are busy gearing up for the holidays and while the interest may have been there for some, the time to engage may not have been.

It's been a few months so I just wanted to bump this post to see if there was perhaps anyone interested in discussing these points. Maybe it's just not a topic of interest and that's okay too. :). Just wanted to put some feelers out there.

Thanks in advance,