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views of hell.10.7 broadcast

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views of hell.10.7 broadcast

Postby grayham » Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:18 pm

have to dissagree with the host ,does not matter one bit what the church historions taught on hell as mentioned jesus clearly taught from the bible hell is eternal and to say the apostles never preached about hell ,what about 2 peter chapter 2.if thats not about punishment whats it about.john 3v16 john says should not perish.paul preached about it.i listened to a early 2009 april broadcast where the host admited he does not believe in etetnal punishment so its not suprising he does not believe the bible on this subject.beware of false teachers .as peter says in sheeps clothing.
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Re: views of hell.10.7 broadcast

Postby steve » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:09 pm

Your mention of 2 Peter 2 is of no value to this discussion, for three reasons:

1) There is no mention of hell in 2 Peters 2. There is a reference to "tartarus" in verse 4, but that is where fallen angels are. There is no mention in scripture of people going to tartarus. If your Bible translates that word as hell, then you should learn not to trust translations exclusively. (You have the same problem with your translation's use of the words "forever," "eternal" and "everlasting" for which you should consult the original languages).

2) In fact, even if the passage did use a more common word for "hell," the verse says nothing about humans going there.

3) 2 Peter was not written to non-Christians. My point on the air was that neither Jesus, Peter, nor Paul ever mentioned hell in their evangelistic preaching. Peter's epistles were written to Christians. They were not instances of Peter's evangelism.

John 3:16 does not mention hell. To perish means to be destroyed. The passage does not mention whether this perishing is in hell, in Jerusalem in AD70 (as in Luke 13:3, 5), or in some other manner. If it is an allusion to hell, it is not an unambiguous one.
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Re: views of hell.10.7 broadcast

Postby MMathis » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:19 pm

I've brought up John 3:16 before as well. It is not a command that you "shall not perish" but a reward. If you believe, you "shall not perish" and will have eternal life. I take that to mean that the opposite of eternal life is to perish. If you perish, it is over. That verse, to me, is about the single most clear verse in the Bible.

I have read Steve's book about the 3 views of hell. Each view makes complete sense, but I always come back to John 3:16.
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