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Story of a certain SJW Christian lady's "harassment" claim

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Story of a certain SJW Christian lady's "harassment" claim

Postby jpat1975 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:50 pm

A certain concerned Christian heard a person of colour announce a vigil for Michael Brown in Ferguson. After hearing of other "murders" by police she decided that this church group would not comfort her, and took it upon herself organize it. She also was doing so in relation to the "black lives matter" movement. This set off alarm bells and concerns in this concerned Christian decided to contact her privately via social media messaging to discuss. There was a delay in response and since they did not know each others very well (it's a big group) it was unclear to the sender why the delay was. Finally she responded and even used a smiley face, and graciously and gently disagreed. She never shut down communications nor indicated for this person to stop writing. This gave the concerned Christian the false impression it was ok to keep writing. Then at some point she suddenly shut down communications. Why? It seems this was after she learned this person had talked with another person on this subject, less versed, who changed his position, and removed something he posted in relation to that (realizing the error in falling for the SJW propaganda, and seeing the whole narrative for what it was). Any how that's what seems to have triggered the sudden change in tone, and her suddenly disabling private messaging chat.

In hindsight this certain concerned Christian felt they could have been less direct in communication with her - yet nothing in the way of a personal attack was given. Just seems an overreaction. In hindsight this Christian also wishes those communications could have been less direct, and tried to get to know this SJW sister better. This concerned Christian had made the mistake of giving her the benefit of the doubt, of being Christian, and therefore not a full-on SJW - just a well meaning Christian concerned with the black community, but not a radical.

But she took it upon herself to report this concerned Christian to the leadership - under the false story that warnings to STOP communicating had been given - when in fact, she gave NO such warning. Thankfully the leadership did not believe her, since they could see in whatever she would have sent in the way of screenshots (which she sent) showed very clearly that NO warning was given by her. Just a suddden change in tone on her part - from gracious to upset, and shutting down communications.

Thus the leadership did not side with her, nor reprimand the concerned Christian but tried to encourage love and reconciliation. Of course the leadership did communicate gently with them both, and was fair. She took this badly, and the concerned Christian tried to be as diplomatic, and gentle in as few words as possible to disengage from the subject.

Time passed. Though private messaging was disabled between the two (by her), they were still connected on social media on each others list of contacts.

At one point after sending a "poke" (non-verbal, wave hello) on this platform she finally blocked this person. That was the last even communication of any kind to her directly. A non-verbal electronic wave hellow. A lot of time had passed, so this seemed like a huge overreaction to something so small as a electronic wave hello. No emails had been sent to her. There was no way to private message her.

Just as no pre-warning not to send more communcations was never given, and led this concerned Christian to conclude it was ok to send more stuff (prior to shutting down chat capabilities), this person assumed they were still on reasonable terms - just not talking on social media. It should be noted this person was not at the services very much. Later on this person moved away to another city. A year after she shut down chat, this concerned Christian decided to ask someone (who knew this lady) what had happened, and spoke freely on general throughts about SJW's and cultural marxism and what was clearly speculation on this lady being caught up in that deception of cultural marxism, which we all know is not inspired by God, but from the devil. Please note this communication was a private one and sent to another person, and not to this lady. She had no way of knowing. Even so this other person, who knew her, unwisely stirred things up by sending this SJW-Christian lady screenshots. She in turn reported this to the leadership of the church. This led to an email to the concerned Christian by the leadership urging him not to communicate anything else passing along how she said it was harassment. This concerned Christian was shocked, but agreed and cooperated fully, even though the most recent message was not sent to the lady, but to someone else. The leadership was satisfied with that and moved on.

Not long after she posts about this very briefly on another internet platform and blows the whole thing out of proportion. On her post she claimed she had experienced here "church harassment" and not feeling welcome nor supported by the leadership. She attributes this to "racism" and the story brought up also the "#metoo" movement about women being harassed.

It should also be noted that In her own account of this story she even acknowledged that it never occurred to her initially this was "harassment" until she went to her presumably SJW/leftest friends who seem to have change her view on that.

Thankfully she had the good sense not to name names, as that would have certainly endangered the life of this concerned Christian.

Very sad that this sort of thing exists in church groups.

What are your own thoughts on this story, and "church harassment" in the form of fellow members of a local group questioning and raising concerns.

Any similar stories in your own groups?

What are your thoughts on SJW who attend your group, and do you think there might be a risk of this leading to groups being led into cultural marxism.
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Re: Story of a certain SJW Christian lady's "harassment" cla

Postby TK » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:14 am

Why specifically did the "concerned Christian" think it was so necessary to engage in dialogue with this woman?

If I engaged with every person on social media that I disagree with politically it would be a full time endeavor.
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Re: Story of a certain SJW Christian lady's "harassment" cla

Postby jpat1975 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:46 am

I agree it would be a long and time consuming waste with unbelievers online. Please keep in mind this was a) private conversation in a messaging chat one-on-one - not calling her out in public. b) She also was understood to be a Christian.

Even so I think that there is profit in sharing counter-narratives to Marxist propaganda online. Even if the person your are arguing with doesn't listen to you, they have less zealous people watching who might look into the matter for themselves. Social media is a great tool for "red pilling" the ignorant.

Any how this concerned Christian did not question her in public.

It was in a private chat.

The concerned Christian regrets wasting such time. The reason they bothered was because of the mention of Black Lives Matter (BLM), while promoting the vigil for Michael Brown (which she was trying to involve the church in). That seemed to this person very troubling, and it could not go unchallenged. Already one of the other prominent members had posted something about that narrative in general (which he later took down after some members, including this concerned Christian educated him). Why let such a cancer metastasis? The leadership doesn't seem to speak very much about it, and tends to steer clear of the controversy. Thankfully this prominent member humbly accepted correction, and took down the post on his own. No one asked him, as far as I'm aware, to do it. He probably made the connection and saw how useless and misleading it was, and saw the need to remove it.

He learned, and applied that new knowledge.

Not so for this lady. She was sad he removed that post.

She also had communicated to this concerned Christian that no one could understand black people unless they were themselves black. Whatever that means. This concerned Christian had sent her material from Jesse Lee Peterson - a black man, who lived through the Jim Crow years, and later on traded his rage for redemption in Christ! This millennial own experiences could not compare to his in terms of pain. I'd wager she has never faced real persecution or racism. Much of what black people cite as such is a distorted lens through which they view the world. Most real racism today is pretty rare and tiny. Since Marxists lost the war of ideas years ago, they've take their class struggle into identity politics, a new arena with no shortage of gullible people - especially millenials! This is a black voice she ought to have listened to. Jesse Lee Peterson speaks out against the BLM stuff in his videos. This concerned Christians hope was JESSE's powerful testimony would give her some much needed perspective, without any "but he's not black" as a way to avoid hearing the truth. Nope. She had none of it.

Based on what this lady has posted after leaving, on social media in support of progressive things about BLM, queer stuff, feminism, curse words, not to mention her over the top gas-lighting dishonest response it looks like the leadership got to see her true colors and immaturity sooner than later (she was leading worship from the front during the praise time).

So, this concerned Christian, in effect, help smoke out an SJW, who might have been (even with the best of intentions) trying to get the group on board with the BLM movement. That stuff has no place in the church. This individual probably did the group a big favor. This lady did not seem to be not very teachable in spirit. I think she was going to leave the group no matter what. Too indoctrinated and buying into the false reporting on police oppression to be changing any time soon. Who knows, maybe she might have stayed. I'm not sure, but I'm doubtful. She needs times to grow and come to her senses.

Certainly this concerned Christian could have handled things differently, and sees their own lack of wisdom in hindsight. Hindsight is 20/20. This fellow later did what they could to seek peace, but she seems to have wanted none of it.

So the ball is in her court to reciprocate.

May Jesus open her eyes.

Her friend who reported the concerned Christian's questions and concerns (none of her business frankly) is also an activist type. Both are millennial's, ugh! May her mind be cleared of that junk as well.

Shouldn't we combat this kind of thing within our own church groups? With love and wisdom of course.

But HOW do we do this? Practically speaking? How have you handled it? What verses or examples from the bible could be preached to drop hints and plant seeds of doubt in their mind against this cultural marxist garbage - and also not TRIGGER these deceived individuals? To what point do we accommodate their fragile egos?

One things that came to mind is SIMON THE ZEALOT. I would liken him to an SJW type, in that his name implies he WAS a RADICAL who was pushing for SOCIAL change through VIOLENCE in relation to the STATE, focusing on "oppression" -etc. Sound familiar?

He in my mind would have had to have parted ways with that junk to truly be mature Christian. Just as this lady and her friend would likewise also need to do as well.

I liken both of these ladies to that zealot to different degrees. Both I'm sure mean well.

I'm sure this concerned Christian is also quite zealous in their own way. :-)
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Re: Story of a certain SJW Christian lady's "harassment" cla

Postby jpat1975 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:14 am

One of Jesse's videos. What a blessing this man is to have interacting with a white guy and agreeing in how toxic the false narratives are. This concerned Christian is also non-white (though could be mistake for white) who felt they had a unique racial makeup to speak constructively against the false narratives other non-whites get sucked into. Yet in the end this person was judged apparently by skin colour to some degree by a lady who was supposed to be above that sort of thing. Nope. Talk about "privilege"
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