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God is Love and the Trinity

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Re: God is Love and the Trinity

Postby steve7150 » Thu May 25, 2017 10:16 am

Second, I'd respond by suggesting that self-love only really makes sense in a world where there are others. What does it even mean to look out for your own best interest when there simply are no 'others' to potentially have conflicting interests? Self-love, in this sense, might be a good thing (in a sense), but only makes sense in relation to other-oriented love. If this is so, the Father could/would have had self-love, but only in perfect relation to His other-oriented love (for the Son and Spirit).

No doubt love is most fully expressed when others are involved but i think you can want what's best for yourself even if you are not competing against someone else's interest. One can certainly hate themselves as Joan Jett's unforgettable song brings to mind "I hate myself for Loving You." So i think the opposite of hating oneself is possible without it being selfish. Perhaps God wanted to fully express love and that is why he brought forth "The Word and The Spirit" at some point in time IMHO.
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